Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Blog Post About Nothing

Oh look. It's Tuesday. And I have nothing exciting to share - just photos of my food and tales of how today isn't my gym morning (Husband gets T,H,F mornings). I have an appointment this evening so no evening gym time for me today. I can't take the kids for a walk because - surprise, surprise - it is raining again. And I just don't want to go walk on the treadmill so today might get a big fat zero in the exercise department. In other news, the Wii my husband brought home the other day doesn't work so the Wii Fit issue is moot for the moment. Not sure if Best Buy will let us return it or if we have to send it to the Wii folks.

Yesterday's lunch was a salad as predicted. Lettuce, raw broccoli, feta, sunflower seeds, halved red grapes and 1.5 T of dressing.

Dinner was fish and shrimp and peas.

Breakfast today was a little wild and crazy. My oldest asked for pancakes - meaning Trader Joe's Pumpkin Pancakes.
I can't resist them so I had 2 (inexplicably football shaped) pancakes (that is a salad plate so while they weren't small, they aren't as gigantic as they look) dusted w/powdered sugar instead of syrup and a couple of strawberries for breakfast this morning. No protein and certainly not a low calorie breakfast. But it wasn't outrageous and it tasted yummy. Unfortunately, the lack of protein and meaningful calories meant that by lunch I was ready to chew off my own arm. Lunch was the same chicken salad as yesterday's breakfast and a slice of cheddar cheese. Dinner is unclear at this point. I probably ought to go dig something out of the freezer to throw on the grill tonight.

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  1. Sorry t hear about the Wii and the junk weather. Best Buy is normally really good about returns so hopefully it won't be too stressful.

    And we all need a break from exercise once in a while so just get back with it tomorrow. Great job so far.