Friday, March 12, 2010

Let's not talk about it

My quad muscles are really bothering me so I skipped the gym this afternoon. I'm torn between thinking I am making excuses and knowing that I legitimately don't want to make it worse so that I have to take a week off of the gym. We'll call it a toss up.

Friday nights are usually take out/order in night in our house. I thought we might skip it tonight since we ordered in last night but my husband wanted to go out. We ended up at an Italian place and let's just say it wasn't pretty. I got veal parmesan it was yummy. And we got cheesecake. Lots of bad food decisions but we had a fun evening out as a family. My only saving grace was that I was only at about 600 calories when we left the house for dinner. Calories still ended up much higher than I would like for the day but the damage could have been worse if I hadn't been eating well up until then today.

It is all good. In the past, I might have used tonight as an excuse to just throw the whole weekend (or week or month) out the window food wise. I mean, I already messed it up so why bother? But I'm not feeling that way tonight. I am feeling fine. I will go to the gym tomorrow. I will stop at the store to stock up on salad fixings and keep plodding along. This is life. I like food. I'm not going to stop enjoying food...I just need to stop abusing it.

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  1. "I like food. I'm not going to stop enjoying food...I just need to stop abusing it."


    I refuse to stop enjoying chocolate. Or white cheddar popcorn. But I don't need to eat 5000 tons of it in one sitting to enjoy it. A nibble here and there and the occasional "overindulgence" isn't going to set me back physically OR mentally.