Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday news

Today is not my gym day (hubby and I trade off) but the weather is looking decent so hopefully I'll get out for a walk with the kids at least.

Breakfast looked like this:

This was the first time I tried the yoplait greek yogurt and I couldn't finish it. I like yogurt but I wasn't a fan of this stuff. It felt gritty in my mouth. I choked down about half of it.
Lunch will likely be a salad. Dinner isn't decided yet but will probably be a chicken verde (used to be enchiladas but I've stopped wrapping the mixture in tortillas and just bake it) concoction that we like. Last night dinner looked like this:

That is tilapia (drizzled w/a little olive oil then a spicy rub and broiled), baby peas, and a Green Giant Steamfresh mix of red potatoes and green beans - it was pretty good for a quick microwave thing. We eat on salad plates almost every night - and only a little bit because it controls portions a bit. We started doing it when we bought this set of dishes because the dinner plates are enormous. We had no idea how big they really were until we brought them home - our cupboard doors don't quite close and they don't fit in the dishwasher. So I use them as serving dishes and we eat off the of the salad plates which are a generous size. I have some dinner plates from another set that aren't as gigantic that we use if we need a larger plate for some reason (corn on the cob, etc).


  1. I tend to like it as well - I was really surprised that I didn't like this. Maybe the 2x protein thing is them trying too hard?

  2. I love Stonyfield's Greek but agree with you on Yoplait. Just can't bring myself to do it!
    Would love to know how you do the chicken verde sometime :)