Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday. We meet again.

Karen gave me an award just because I came back to my blog. Makes me feel all warm and tingly and welcome in this corner of the blogosphere. I have another blog. One that I don't abandon for 9 months at a time. One where I talk about everything but my weight and fitness struggles. One where I've been writing for 4 years now. I feel quite at home in that corner of the blogosphere but it is weird/hard/awkward to hang out in a new corner. Kind of like being the new kid at school and not knowing what table to sit down at in the cafeteria.

Weekend recap

Food wise I didn't do my Fit Day log either day because we were busy and I was lazy. I didn't eat fabulously but I did watch my portions. Sunday I had coffee in the morning but didn't eat anything until 3:30pm. I don't know why. But I managed to graze a little rather than inhale 2 meals worth of food because I was so hungry.

Saturday I went to the gym. I did 25 minutes on the bike w/ the arm poles. I did all of the weight machines except a couple of leg ones because my quads are still sore. Then I finished with 12 minutes on the True Stride (kind of like an elliptical w/o the incline and with arm poles). Amazing that 12 minutes on it burned more calories and claimed almost the same distance as 25 minutes on the bike.

Sunday I didn't do much of anything exercise wise.


Food: Breakfast looked like this. It is a little more than a cup of chicken salad (made with shredded, poached chicken breast, a little light mayo, green onion, a little juice from the dill pickle jar, and a mix of dried cranberries, cherries, blueberries, and golden raisins) and coffee with 1/2 cup of skim milk (and probably a second cup just like the first to follow). Assuming the second cup of coffee, I'm at about 365 calories for breakfast.

Lunch will likely look like the salad posted last week. I bought a big bin of baby spring mix at Sam's Club this weekend so lots of salads in my future.

Exercise: Today was one of my gym mornings (husband and I are trading off mornings before he goes to work). I don't have as much time during the week because I have to get back home so my husband can get going to work but I managed 20 minutes on the bike w/ the arm poles. I did a circuit of the weight machines except a few of the leg ones again - still babying my quads. I finished with 12 minutes on the True Stride.

Weigh in: I think I will make Mondays a weigh in day. I've always been adamantly anti-scales. I don't own one. I know when things are going well and not going well by how my pants fit. But obviously that isn't working for me because my fat pants are pretty darn snug. So I'm going to try this weigh in thing and see if it helps motivate me. If I get too caught up in the numbers, I will change to bi-weekly or monthly but I'll start out with weekly and see how it goes. We'll call today the first one since I just started back at this trying to get in shape thing last week and my last known weight was in December when I was at the doctor. This morning, I weighed in at the gym: 225.
Finally, a question. Does anyone have/use the Wii Fit? Thoughts? Is it worth the money? My husband just bought a Wii and we've been trying to decide if we want to invest in the Wii Fit for the mornings that are our off days for the gym.


  1. We haven't broken down and gotten a Wii yet but if we do it will be primarily because of all the great things I've heard about the Wii Fit! As it is, right not doing it for that reason would probably prove to be a waste of money we really don't have at our disposal since I have a real hard time forcing myself off of my every-expanding butt :)

  2. I have a wii fit , not sure how much exercise it really is because I have never broken out in a sweat. It is fun and the time goes quickly on it. I burn about 130 calories a session.

    And thanks for pointing out to me that most cars don't have ashtrays in them anymore. I hadn't thought about it but now that I do, your right my car doesn't have one.:) well in that case I think a person should plan ahead for that I buy something to keep in the cup holder to put the butts in.

  3. Agreed - they should plan ahead and I believe they do make ashtrays that fit in cup holders (although not having smoked in years I couldn't swear to it).