Thursday, March 11, 2010

Can we add Schmuck to my name? Or I'M BACK!

Let's see...when we last left off in JULY. Ack! And I haven't even looked at this blog so I didn't realize some of you came back to cheer me on. I suck. Thank you for checking in on me.

I did fall off the band wagon. For a variety of reasons or excuses depending how you wish to see it. I didn't make it 30 days with the shred. I started alternating it with a strength video and then some medical things came up that prevented me from doing anything that strenuous for awhile. Then I got lazy. Then medical crap again. Then the holidays. Then I got lazy. And I find myself almost 9 months later trying to get back to it.

First? I quit the shred. I hate it. I might pull it out now and then if I can't do anything else because it is quick. But I just hate it too much to make myself do it regularly. BUT I will say that I started doing the strength video of my husband's that I mentioned in my last post (ahem...9 months ago) and it seems ridiculously easy. Then I quit doing anything for a little while and tried to do the strength video again and WHOA it wasn't so easy any more. So I may hate Jillian but I was getting results even if I didn't see them.

New plan. I'm not making any promises. I'm treating this like AA - One Day At A Time. (No, I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a former addiction counselor. Addicted to food - irony?) So I hope to post here regularly again but I can't promise I won't disappear. Let's just hope it is for days rather than most of a year.

We've joined a gym. My husband and I are alternating mornings before the girls are up and before he goes to work. I used to go to the gym almost daily when I was single and before kids. I do enjoy it more than a video or treadmill at home. Well maybe enjoy isn't the right word. I'm cheap and I don't want to waste my money. Plus once I'm there, I feel all of the eyes judging me if I quit too soon. So frugality and peer pressure for the win. Whatever works.

On the days I don't go to the gym, I'm going to try and do SOMETHING at home. Today it was the treadmill because it is raining outside. That something might just be a stroll with the kids - but I need to get my ass off the couch.

Yesterday (3/10/10) was my first day at the gym. I did 12 minutes on the cross trainer thing (like an elliptical). I hate that thing - always have. It kicks my butt (or my quads to be more precise). Then I did all of the weight machines minus the quad one because they were already burning and I have a tendency to rip them and then not be able to do anything for a week - including get off the toilet without whimpering. And finished with 15 minutes on the bike that also has arm poles. I was there for just over an hour.

FBS: 243

Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 piece of wheat bread (no butter), 2 cups of coffee with about 1 cup of skim milk total (I like it light and my mug is huge).

Exercise: 31 minutes on the treadmill here at home. I burned 195 calories and walked 1.4 miles.

Lunch: big salad with turkey, feta, and a small amount of sunflower seeds, pepitas, and dried cranberries and dried cherries. 2 T dressing

Snack: will be Smart Pop Kettle Corn

Dinner will be unhealthy BBQ pork take out. And margaritas. It is girls night. I'm not giving up the good stuff just hoping to watch my portions.

Final confession: at my last doctor appointment I was 226 pounds (I am 5'8 not 6'5 so that is an ugly number). Short(ish) term is to get under 200. We'll go from there.


  1. Welcome back!!! I've given up on/given away/sold on ebay every single Jillian dvd I've gotten (which would be all of them). I am going to try the Last Chance Workout dvd, though ... partially because I love the BL contestants doing it with her soooo much that I think it might help me see it through a little better. We'll figure it out after it arrives :)
    Oh ... and disappear again and prepare to get stalked. Somehow I'll find a way ;)

  2. Welcome back! We are around the same weight, so I can't wait to read some of your posts <3

  3. I started at your weigh back in Sept. Lost 5 pounds and then let myself start to slack. I am holding at about 18lbs down still and hoping to keep going down. I have been sick the last few days and I am using that as a jumping board to get back on track. Welcome back! (PS Karen really does stalk!!!!!!!!-how do you think I found you? *winks*)