Friday, July 17, 2009

Catch Up

Yikes...sorry for disappearing! Let me quickly catch up.

Tuesday: Shredded Level 2 (Day 21) but ate a lot of crap.

Wednesday: Ate okay all day but had a burger and fries for diner. I didn't exercise. I got busy and didn't make it a priority. I had a headache and used that as my excuse.

Thursday: Didn't exercise and didn't eat very well (not horrible but not great). My husband, as I feared, was exercising during the time I had carved out to do it in the morning so I didn't get a chance before getting the kids up. I didn't manage to get them both napping at the same time so I didn't get a chance during naptime. I did run around all day so at least I was active and not sitting on my couch.

Friday: Back on track I hope. I Shredded this morning. Because of my 2 day break, I did Level 1 this morning. I will return to Level 2 tomorrow.
I had this big and quite yummy breakfast this morning for 204 calories. I haven't had cottage cheese since I was pregnant and forgot how much I like it when I find a decent low fat variety. We've been getting the best cantaloupes at the farmers market - I'll be really sad when they aren't in season any more. And Healthy Ones chicken breast was on sale at the deli this week - 4 thin slices for only 50 calories. I have left over grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli for lunch so I shouldn't struggle with a healthy lunch.


  1. Love cottage cheese. Sometimes I put artificial bacon bits on it. It's something about the different textures and added salt I think. Though the sodium is probably not good for me...

    Pick your poison.

  2. Youve been busy! Congrats on shredding this morning!

  3. I like cottage cheese in my oatmeal - surprisingly good. And, I also like it with some "pineapple" or "strawberry" topping that you put on ice cream sundaes. It tastes sooo good with that, a nice "desert".

    congrats on shredding! I honestly can never do it more than 3 days in a row -- its kind of boring. :o)