Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 16

Pssst...Help me! I think Jillian Michaels is trying to kill me. I tried Level 2 today and I can't get off the floor.

Level 2 Day 16

Holy Eff! I decided to try Level 2 today because I thought perhaps I was being a wimp by sticking with Level 1. In some ways it was a little bit easier for me but I think that was the novelty of it and the fact that I had to stop and watch what they were doing instead of jumping right in. Two hours later and already the muscles in my lower back and my shoulders are killing me. I will say it was nice to change things up - part of my contempt for level 1 is likely familiarity. BUT that plank position she likes so much in Level 2 sucks! I am fat so I should get extra credit just for getting myself into that position and holding myself up - no one should then ask me to contort myself too. That last ab thing? Ain't gonna happen for awhile.


I think my food yesterday was better. My percentages were closer to where I think they should be. I was at 37% fat, 38% Carbs, 25% Protein for the day and supposedly just under 1800 calories. (I question the accuracy of the microwave popcorn but the label is confusing even for someone with lots o' schooling. It says a bag has 2 servings and I ate most of the bag. It says popped a serving is 15 calories...but that just seems out of whack with the unpopped calories which don't disappear.)

I know it may be confusing for others that I talk about my exercise the same day I do it but my food the next day but with how I am doing things now it makes the most sense for me to keep track that way.


  1. It's your blog, you write the way you want to--not confusing at all!

    I have to laugh because you're far more brave than I...I don't even own the Shred. I have only watched a few episodes of the first season of TBL and I must admit Jillian scared me.

    I can only imagine what that plank position is, but I'm with you, if it's a struggle to get into it, that should be good enough! lol

    You're doing great and very inspiring! =)

  2. Everyone was talking about the Shred DVD but I had never (still have never) seen The Biggest Loser so I didn't know who Jillian Michaels was. So like a sheep I bought it. I probably would have been scared too LOL.

    And as for the plank position - think getting ready to do a push up but with hands a bit closer together.