Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 17

Level 2 Day 17

I hate Level 2. By the beginning of the 3rd circuit my shoulders are like wet noodles and then she wants me to do that chair squat w/ the V shoulder raises. Blargh! Level 2 is really hard on my lower back and shoulders. And I feel discouraged because I struggle to even do the modified versions of so many of the things like the plank jacks (woman is on crack) and the plank jump thingies (crazy). I've debated going back to Level 1 but I am trying to remind myself that the only way to go forward is to struggle.


My food journal results yesterday look fabulous on paper but I question the accuracy. It looks really short because I didn't have a salad for lunch with a bunch of ingredients to add. I can't believe I was under 1500 calories - especially with that big old steak I had for dinner. But even if it is off by a couple of hundred calories, I am okay with the day overall. I made some really good salsa and wanted to eat it for lunch. I really wanted it so I had it. Instead of mindlessly eating chips and salsa, I counted out 2 servings (it was going to be the bulk of my lunch) and put them on a plate. I made sure every one of those chips was whole - if I was counting I wasn't going to get cheated out of a corner. I had some turkey slices too to throw in some protein.

I know myself well enough to know that when I start being rigid or too restrictive in what I eat, I end up losing control and bingeing. So when a craving for chips and salsa hits, I am going to go with it because I am looking to live healthier not diet. And I like food so chips and salsa, ice cream, chocolate, and other things are going to have to be part of my life. I'm just looking for moderation and better choices.

Other thoughts

I haven't talked about this blog with my husband. I haven't told him about my renewed commitment to be fitter and healthier. I haven't told him that I'm keeping a food journal. I don't know why I haven't articulated it but apparently he can see it. He can see I'm changing my eating habits some and that I'm shredding before he leaves for work. He said last night that I've inspired him. He is going to buy himself a strength training DVD and do it before work. I'm torn about this. 1) Glad that he sees what I am doing and feeling inspired. B) Selfishly I thought if he is going to do that before work is it going to interfer with that little window of time I've carved out for myself to exercise in the morning?

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  1. I so hate level 2 of the Shred. I actually injured my hamstring doing those stupid scissor jump things. Hello! 200 pound women do not jump and do scissor moves in midair!

    I feel your pain. And yet I still love Jillian. How sick is that? :)