Friday, July 3, 2009

Days 8, 9, and 10

Hey! Someone found me and I got a comment! HI! Sorry...didn't think anyone had come across me here so I wasn't updating daily like I wanted to.

(Tuesday June 30) Level 1 Day 8
I didn't manage to get up and do it before I got the kids up. I slept in a little and it felt good. But I did do it during naptime. I struggled a lot during it this day but did manage to get through it. Barely.

(July 1) Level 1 Day 9
This morning, I go up earlier and decided that the kids would be fine in their rooms for another 30 minutes (only the youngest was awake). I did the video before I was even awake enough to complain. I still don't love it but it felt better than it has the past few days. Well it at least felt less horrible. I made through and even managed some bicycle crunches - about 2/3 of that ab circuit I did the bicycle and then switched to basic.

(Thursday July 2) Level 1 Day 10
I think this is supposed to be the last day of Level 1. If you divide the 3o days into 3 sections to do each of the levels then tomorrow I should move on to Level 2. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I am no where near ready to move on to a harder level. Some days I can barely get through Level 1 doing the modified version. I might be the first person who does the 30 day shred in 90 days because I don't see me moving onto the next level for quite awhile. But I did it again this morning before the kids got up. I felt kind of bad leaving them in their rooms but I really feel like I need to do this for me. They are safe and can entertain themselves for a half hour. Right? I got through it today - again did the bicycle crunches for about 2/3 of that last set then switched to basic. I still struggle with the arms during strength - I sometimes have to rest and continue lunges and then re-add my arms. I haven't seen a lot of progress as far as increased stamina but I am hoping it will come. I remind myself that 10 days isn't really that long (and I skipped a day).

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