Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 18

Day 18 Level 2 (Day 3 of Level 2)
Still hate Level 2 - all of the plank position stuff is killer. And those walk out push ups? I don't know that a heroin addict could do it for a fix. (I kid. I can do a couple but in the time I do 3, they've done 10.) My shoulders are very achy and I'm sure they will continue to be so. I don't even attempt those last ab things. My form is so bad that it isn't even worth the pain so I do the double crunches. And the last set of scissor jacks I had to do high knees instead. My arms just couldn't do another plank position anything. And all of my jump rope is single. The part where she says she wants us to feel like we are going to die? CHECK.

I'm not really happy with all of my food choices yesterday.'s free service is down at the moment so no chart for you today but I was at 1750 calories. But as a commenter pointed out, my calories weren't necessarily the best quality and I ended the day with some chips that I didn't really need but my husband was eating so I had so too. That was almost 200 calories that I didn't need and didn't want badly enough to justify.

Edited to add food journal now that Fitday is back up.


  1. When FitDay is down, try - free food tracking and more!

  2. She wants you to feel like you're going to die?
    Sadistic much?

    (her, not you)

    Hmmm, I might need to stay away from the Shred then. Dh would be pretty PO'd if he came home to find I'd thrown my tennis shoe at the plasma as a way to get back at the chic on the workout dvd. lol

    Best of luck on completing your 30 days! You're over halfway there - you can do it. :)