Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 20

Day 20 Level 2 (Day 5 of Level 2)

Again, no new insights. And I haven't suddenly developed the ability to do the walk out push ups without dropping the f-bomb. I still can't do the last set of plank jacks - my shoulders are done at that point so I do another cardio element (usually high knees).

Today it was cool enough that I was able to take my kids for a walk. (We live in the south and outdoor exercise isn't something that is possible very often in July.) We walked 1.5 miles while pushing 45 lbs of stroller with 45 lbs of kids so what I lost in speed I made up for in resistance. It was nice to get outside.


I don't think anyone is enthralled by my food log and I'm feeling too lazy to cut and paste it and post it so I'll just report that I was really snacky yesterday afternoon and ended the day at just shy of 1700 calories.
Today I've been lacking in the vegetable department. This was my breakfast (I'm strangely fascinated by photos of people's food so in case anyone else is I'm posting this).
My husband has jumped on the weight loss band wagon with me - he says I inspired him. I'm happy he wants to get healthy but I fear that he might get a little too gung ho and turn me off of it. I really need to just focus on what I am doing and what works for me rather than getting caught up in what he is doing.


  1. I'm always checking out people's food photos but never think of taking my own until I'm already eating or have finished. lol

    Glad your dh is on board, but you're right - your focus has to stay upon you.
    Mine is eating better (helps that he only eats what I make & I've taken to dishing out the portions for everyone -- poor guy) but while I support him, my priority in this is me & my progress. Love him to death but I've got to do this for me.

    Best wishes for a great week!

  2. I think posting pictures of your food log is a great idea, it might help me stay away from chocolate if I know people will be watching my intake :). thanks for following me, I am really new to this... and just trying to keep the motivation myself. I think its is really great you are able to get outside and walk. I am still not quite sure I can do that by my self (I am kind of a whimp, especially because I live in arizona and it was 115 today) how old are your children?

  3. Love food photos, but never think to take pics of my own stuff. I know what you mean about the husband jumping on the band wagon. Then they always seem to lose faster than we do, and that really ticks me off. Best of luck to you.